Penned Points - "Start"

Welcome to my Blog!

This is a great place to stop in and get valuable writing tips and happens to be my first blog. I'm so excited about being able to share tips, knowledge, inspiration, motivation and all things that will empower you on your writing journey. I want you to know that you're not alone in getting started which is why I titled my first blog "Start"!

What keeps you from completing what you started? Is it the distractions of daily life events? Is it a fear of the unknown? Is it a lack of motivation? Is is Procrastination or Is it something you are not even aware of?

Whatever the case, at one point, two things are going to happen. You are either going to find a way to pick up where you left off or you're going to forget about it and add it to the never finished this project pile.

Let's make a conscious effort to Finish what we Start! I know that you have a book stirring up inside of you that's waiting to burst out into the world. Keep it moving and let's get it done!

Jacqueline Thompson

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