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Jacqueline Thompson is an Author first with a powerful testimony! Her Book titled Broken was released in August 2017 after a ten-year journey of pulling together, all the journals she kept over the years and capturing those life-events into a manuscript. Additionally, she's an Author Coach and Life Coach to individuals who desire to bring their voice to life or find balance in what's holding them hostage to moving forward in their writing journey.


Her passion and purpose are now in Sync because not only does she have a love for writing, but she also enjoys sharing her story to empower those who are ready to unmask the hidden fears that have been standing in the way of pursuing their dreams. Jacqueline has Authored three of her own books and e-books: Broken, A Storyteller's Journal, Pen It Write Now (e-book), and her soon-to-be released book, Just Be. She is also the Co-Author of The Great Bounce Back, compiled by Rebecca Huggins, Diary of a People Pleaser, compiled by Cheryl Peavy, A Reason to Be, compiled by Tilda Whitaker, Living Out Loud, compiled by Ashley A. Love, Living my Faith Out Loud, compiled by Dorothy Wilson, and her latest Anthology project, Making Peace with my Pieces, compiled by Valerie Simon. Jacqueline founded Penned Just Write, LLC to give aspiring, new, and seasoned Authors a safe place to share their stories and bring them to life, with an end result of presenting a polished manuscript and becoming a published Author.

Jacqueline says: "Writing is just something I was born to do and it came at a very early age when I was discovered by an Instructor while taking a Creative Writing class". Today, Jacqueline is known for the go-to-person when any written assignment needs stellar editing! From Research Papers to Dissertations, to Magazine/Blog and Website Articles, to Books, to Speakersheets and even Speeches!

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