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My Book/Ebook Projects

I knew I would be an Author at a very young age and the books you see on this page is a reflection of the passion the pen has in my life. In each book project, I was either a contributing Author or a solo Author.


Tea & Pearls Sister Gathering.jpg
  • Tamika L. Sims (Intern Editor)

  • Dr. Cheryl Peavy - She Is You I Am You

  • Kyaris Johnson

  • Shanikqa Canty

  • Karen "KJ" Johnson

  • COACHCON/P4 Institute - Tilda Bailey

  • Martha Young

  • SERVECON - Rebecca Huggins

  • Nina Skye

  • Erica Michelle Bailey

  • Marcella D. Moore

  • Ursula M. Bradley

  • Shanisha Dixon-Tyrell

  • Larry & Charlotte George

  • Gregory Jenkins

  • Michelle Bailey

  • Anne Velma

  • Junie Boyer

  • Lorraine J Whitfield

  • Mae Farley

  • Vallerie Simon(Making Peace With Your Pieces Anthology)



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