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Fairy Lights

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Our Motto

We are all storytellers through our life experiences and learned lessons. When we are brave to share our stories, we begin to translate that story into captivating words that come to life in a powerful message, a published work, and a story that lives on!

Spotlight Author and Book of the Month

March Spotlight Author/Book
March Spotlight Author/Book

When I tell you that I'm SOOOOO excited about this one here! Get Ready to be Inspired by some of your favorite Nursery Rhymes turned into a Devotional that will feed the soul with a J.O.Y. plan (Jesus, Others, and You) bringing you closer to God. Great for all ages!


14 Authors that I love dearly made this project a lot of fun. My Nursery Rhyme contribution chapters are: "A Tree on the Hill" and "Hey Diddle, Diddle". Copies go on sale March 16, 2023 and I'll share a link soon so you can get an autographed copy.

Fairy Lights

your untold story matters writing Workshop

Not 30 Days, Not 60 Days, Not 90 Days but attend this workshop to learn what it takes to share an UNTOLD Story that God gave you. A story that you get to share from your whole healed heart.  A story that can now be put into a publication to impact the lives of others. Our timing is not God's timing so when you're ready, you will know it deep down in your soul. Sign up here for this free workshop.

Writing Retreat 2025

You don't want to miss this so check back here often for the details. No obligation!
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